Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Not Near Deserving

Just over a week ago, Kendall and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary.

Four years of being together. Three homes we've shared. One little baby of our own.
(And this is where my eyes start to well up---just a bit---as I type)

To some this is common. To me it's a personal miracle. Sometimes we get to enjoy blessings we don't get near to deserving. Kendall and Little Miss have been two of those blessings for me. Most people love their families. But, I truly love my family.

As I wipe my now soggy eyelashes and trickles on my cheeks, I'm so itching to share how we celebrated our three year feat. After moving to small town in the heart of Oregon's wine country (we're still stone cold sober but enjoying the lovely charm that high class tourism brings to these parts), we've fallen in love with exploring the other tiny towns that freckle our countryside.

One such town (quite far away but similar to our stomping grounds) was recommended to us by my parents-in-law. Kendall took off work so we could flee to the darling city of Vernonia, population 2,100. Before embarking, that amazing hubster of mine surprised me with fancy flowers and a sappy card, even after we had agreed that we would not put each other through the angst of coming up with anniversary gifts (Now the second holiday we've promised no gifts that The Hubbs has violated. I no longer trust him). The supposedly to-die-for Mediterranean restaurant was our draw. Unfortunately, we have a terrible streak of arriving at closed restaurants and this was no exception. So, we settled for Mexican food and had fun raiding one of the thrift shops.

Yes, I scored big. As I made my way up to the counter to pay for 2 like-new baby bibs (you know, the good kind with the plastic on the back), the angel of a check-out lady informed me that each grocery bag full of of baby clothes was only $2 (you pick what goes in a bag). So, for $4, we made out like bandits with all kinds of good stuff for Squishy and my niece who's making her arrival in October.

That's right. 12 sleepers. 9 pairs of pants. 6 onesies. 4 shirts. 2 bibs. 1 jacket. ONLY FOUR BUCKS. Happy anniversary to me! :)

After exploring Vernonia (can't say it took too long), we headed to the coast to enjoy the rest of our day. We landed in Seaside and toted Squishy along in her stroller. For our third time of being in Seaside together, we faced the usual dilemma of where to eat dinner. And for the third time, we found tasty solace at Pig n'Pancake. Yup, we're classy like that. Even though there are beautiful anniversary-worthy, candlelit restaurants, we just knew they couldn't whip up waffles and omelettes like our usual dive. And, Squishy got to enjoy the magic of a high chair for the first time. She loved it. Win win.

Three years down and eternity to go! :)