Sunday, July 14, 2013

4th of July Weekend 2013

We didn't realize until about a week and counting that the 4th landed on a Thursday. That meant no work for 4 glorious days :) So, we took a trip. Got a little creative since it was spur of the moment and a  lot was booked up, but a lovely trip it was :)

First stop: Cabela's of Springfield, OR 

 A mesmerized man

Kendall with a new knife sharpener

Next Stop: Medford and Ashland, OR

 Pond at Lithia Park, Ashland. Yes, the water was that green

 Pensive Ashland man with a large stick. He held that position for quite awhile

Two more Ashlanders- Mr. Spoons and Mr. Banjo

The poor deer of skin and bones who was not afraid of people....just really hungry 

Motel in Phoenix, OR


Yes, that's my husband at the very top 

 Next stop: The California Redwoods

Skippin' rocks 

 A true blue bare chested tree hugger. He was here for a very long time, I kid you not.

 Next Stop: Crescent City, CA. Kendall chompin' on a hot panini.

 Lighthouse built in 1856

 I couldn't believe the colors!

 Next Stop: Harris Beach in Brookings, OR

A little mushiness :) 

 A little more mushiness from the hubster

Next Stop: The "Minute Cafe" in Bandon, OR. With an impressive mug collection like this, there was only one thing to do.....

Order hot chocolate!!! :)

 Yum! :)

Happy 1st Independence Day as married people, Kendall Brady! :)


  1. Looks like a fun trip! You two look very happy together!

  2. Wow you did all that on 4th of July weekend? So jealous!! Where are you guys living?