Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Oh, the Struggle is Real

So, here I sit as that sweet babe of mine naps, doing the thing I've been dying to do- blog. We just got home from our first time attending a "mommy group." I loved it. I needed that. I met some fellow moms right in the thick of things- teething and diapers and sleep schedules oooh my.

After moving when Squishy was only a month old, unpacking, adjusting, surviving the newborn phase and settling into my new stay-at-home-home position, I'm finding it time to branch out. Even stay-at-home-mommers need to connect with people, feed their brain, and get out of their comfort zone....at least that's how I've been feeling.

And, it was just as I was contently coming home from my new little group, all settled into my new experience in mommyhood, I remembered I needed to make that call. See, on my way to that haven of a group, one of my past beloved dental offices had left a voicemail needing a fill-in dental hygienist for a couple weeks. Kendall and I have decided over and over again that at least right now, we believe me being with Squishy during the day is best for our little family.

Yet, I hesitated.

I waited.

I mulled over the pros and cons and logistics of donning the scrubs and heading back to work to scale those teeth.

And, then I called the hubs for moral support to make sure I wasn't crazy for still thinking I should turn down the job offer before making that call. That call that consists of a thanks but no thanks, I'm sorry that I can't help right now, I miss working with you too, yes- I'm sure and so sorry. Sigh.

Being a stay-at-home mom has always been a dream of mine. Truth be told, 99% of the time it suits me just fine, and I still do have the blessing of working a couple times a month while Hubs watches Squishy. And, maaaan, I am blessed that Hubs is so hardworking and fortunate enough to have a job that can support our family. I realize a lot aren't that lucky.

But the struggle is real. Working vs. not working.
How much to work?
Or not to work?
And for how long?
And why?
And what reasons do I give people to justify my decision?
But does my decision really need to be justified?
Because every family and mommy is different :)

Anyway, Squishy is awake and duty calls :) Possibly the best duty there is :)

Thanks for reading :)

Love, Kristen :)


  1. Hi! I posted a comment last week when I first read your post, but I only had my phone and it didn't work. Then I forgot. I love your blog! And all mommers get what you're saying. Oh yeah...we get it. I cannot imagine a better mommer for Squishy. We love you.

    1. Thank you so much! You and Lindsay inspire me to write more :) And we love you guys too! :)

  2. Kristen! You are too cute! I totally get what you're saying!! It's hard not to think about what you would do with more money. Glad you're getting to connect with other moms. That's so great! :)